The End of Suffering
Discover the SECRET insights that will help YOU to transcend money stress, overcome self esteem, and reclaim YOUR happiness!

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Transcend Money Stress, Overcome Low Self Esteem, and Reclaim YOUR Happiness!

Chapter 1: The Real Reason Why We Suffer

Chapter 2: Why Can’t Things Just Be the Way I Want?

Chapter 3: The Magical Key to Unlocking the Universe: What exactly are YOU?

Chapter 4: Genuine Self Esteem: The Shortcut to Ending Suffering

Chapter 5: The Solution to All Problems: Higher Consciousness

Chapter 6: The Key to Success, Presence, and Enlightenment

Chapter 7: “The Magic Show”: The End of Regrets, Worries, and Fears

Chapter 8: From Awakening to Enlightenment: The End of Suffering!

PLUS get SIX patent-pending encoded subconscious block clearing programs:

Block Clearing Part 1: Overcoming Suffering, Worry, Anxiety, and Fear

Block Clearing Part 2: The End of Money Stress

Block Clearing Part 3: Mastering Self-Esteem

Block Clearing Part 4: Ascension of Consciousness

Block Clearing Part 5: Releasing Attachment to Result

Block Clearing Part 6: Trauma Clearing


Don't Just Take my Word for it.. Here's What my clients are saying...
– Anne-Marie V.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

"I must say, “End of Suffering” is FILLED with golden nuggets! There is a lot of great information in there!

Brent was able to take difficult, abstract concepts and explain them in such a way that makes it much more easier to understand.

It is almost impossible to grasp everything that’s in there the first time, but the way he explains it, and with all the great clearings and downloads audios, it makes it much easier and faster to “get it”.

Just in the next few days after starting the program, I was able to understand better how I am not my thoughts… I am actually programmed to react a certain way!

Being able to see it that way was actually less suffering!

You will get a lot of “Aha” moments with this program, and you will get more each time you listen to it!"

– Colleen G
Columbus, Ohio, USA

"I just finished Brent Michael Phillips’ End of Suffering program and once again he’s hit it out of the ballpark!

If you are not familiar with Brent’s work and you are interested in metaphysical and spiritual teachings, you need to get to know him. Brent Michael Phillips is very gifted at taking esoteric, abstract metaphysical concepts and distilling them down to their essences and communicating them effectively.

His analogies and metaphors are insightful and “sticky!”

In the End of Suffering he uses trillions of specialized cells in the body to put life’s “unfairness” into a new perspective!

I’ve been interested in metaphysical and spiritual teachings for decades. What was once only found in cryptic, arcane books at speciality bookstores has exploded into a vast ocean of books, channelers, videos, seminars programs, etc., that can be overwhelming to navigate.

Brent has combed through the teachings, has taken the best metaphysical and spiritual concepts, and packaged them in formats that are easy-to-understand and actionable! I am grateful to have found Brent and his material in my journey toward enlightenment!"